A portable phone charger can keep your Halloween spooky this year

Portable phone charger

In this year of altered celebrations, smartphones offer a great way to keep the evening creepy.

A portable phone charger has become a rather unexpected top accessory for Halloween in recent years.  Despite the fact that the pandemic has altered celebrations to varying degrees this year, this popularity hasn’t changed.

This gadget has the unique advantage of keeping things spooky but not actually scary.

Many cities, states and even countries have decided to alter their Halloween celebrations for 2020 due to the risks associated with the pandemic.  While some regions are going ahead as usual, others have restrictions for gathering sizes, and there are some places that have cancelled it altogether.  As a result, anyone who wants to keep up the celebrations needs to look to alternatives from trick-or-treating or traditional parties.

If you’re dressing up in a costume or taking your kids from door to door to collect candy, a portable phone charger is a great way to keep your smartphone charged for any of many fun and practical reasons.  It can keep your smartphone full of juice for:

  • An incredible and creepy costume with a camera or video component
  • A flashlight to light your way down dark sidewalks and poorly lit pathways
  • A light to keep you or your little one visible to traffic by dropping the flashlight into a plastic pumpkin
  • A GPS app to keep you headed in the right direction even in dark winding streets that don’t look as they usually do because of the decorations and people milling about
  • A way to keep in touch with other groups you’re trick-or-treating with to know where everyone is and decide when and where to meet up.

If you can’t head out to celebrate Halloween this year, a portable battery charger is still handy.

You can still keep up the spooky spirit this Halloween provided your smartphone stays charged up the whole time.  Here are some great ways to be sure you don’t miss out on the spine tingling feeling this year.

  • Portable phone chargerHave a virtual costume party over video chat with friends and family
  • Watch your favorite scary movies while huddled under a blanket or even while brewing in a bath
  • Create and listen to your spookiest playlist
  • Get a themed filter to save on the costume but still keep up that creepy look
  • Play any of countless Halloween themed games for as long as you want with the portable phone charger to keep it going.

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