6 Things Your Next Zoom Call Needs

video zoom call and what you need

Zoom calls are all the rage right now, love them or loathe them! 

If you’re looking for a way to make your next Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, or Teams Meet a little more bearable and run a little smoother, check out these six things you need for your next call.  

Live Voice Transcriptions 

Not being able to hear what’s being said is one of the biggest bugbears of Zoom calls across the world. This is usually down to the poor audio quality, but users who are hard of hearing often fare the worst when it comes to Zoom meetings. 

Having live transcriptions going throughout your call could make all the difference! Choose software that has 99% accurate voice transcription and keep your employees engaged throughout the whole webinar. 

Better Lighting 

Looking your best in a Zoom call is a tricky one. Laptop cameras are never usually that good, and even if you decide to up your game with a full HD external camera, bad lighting will never make you look as good as you could do. 

Use a ring light or even a lamp with a daylight bulb in front of it to improve your lighting situation and take ten years off of your look (well, maybe!). 

A Decent Virtual Background 

If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram and see the thousands of photos of celebs’ perfect pads, you may be looking at your own pad and thinking it’s more cringe than crib. 

Have no fear; a virtual background could be precisely what you need! Find the perfect looking apartment to host as your backdrop, or go far out with a beach, a castle, or a simple no-name plain backdrop for easy use. 

Better Audio 

“Can you go on mute?” The five words that no one wants to hear in the middle of a meeting and they’re usually said because of that awful crackling or noisy audio sound coming from your microphone. 

Laptop microphones are ok, but getting yourself a decent external USB microphone (or headset mic) is a much better option and will allow you to chime in with the meeting whenever you like! 

zoom call noise what to do

Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Kids screaming? Dog barking? Next door neighbor holding a rave? Ok, the third one is probably not happening right in the middle of a pandemic, but there are so many distractions going on right now that it could make trying to concentrate on your call really hard. 

Pick up a decent pair of noise-canceling headphones and prepare to immerse yourself in that thrilling 46 slide PowerPoint that Chris from accounts has prepared for you all! 

Comfortable Seating 

What three words strike fear into any employee? Whole. Team. Meeting.  

Even worse, when that whole team meeting is scheduled for four hours. 

In situations like this, you need a decent chair, sofa, cushion, or even beanbag. Anything that will help you get through it, and remember to blow the gin in your tea mug, so your colleagues think it’s hot!

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