4 QR Codes to Attract Holiday Shoppers In 2013

The holidays are right around the corner, and if you haven’t prepared your online shop for the holiday shopping season…

now is the time to do so. One of the easiest ways to attract holiday shoppers this year is through the use of QR codes.

Example QR code:
20123 holiday guide for online retailers
(Scan this QR code with your mobile device to get a free holiday marketing guide)
QR codes can be scanned with mobile devices and make it possible for shoppers to turn any point of interest such as store displays and posters into points of sale. The 2013 holiday shopping season is a great time to take advantage of QR codes as mobile commerce is projected to account for over 16% of all online sales this year. In 2012, Black Friday alone saw over a quarter of a million scans, a 50% increase from 2011.
What type of QR codes should you use to increase your holiday sales this year? Here are four QR code ideas you can try:
1. QR codes on item price tags
The first place people look at after noticing a product is the product’s price. Take advantage of this by including a QR code on the price tag where people can scan it and view and buy related products from you with their mobile devices.
2. QR codes on flyers
If you will be releasing flyers to let shoppers preview your holiday special offers, you should also include QR codes on the flyers to motivate people to start buying products from you already with their smartphones or tablets.
3. QR codes on receipts
Another place to easily capture everyone’s attention is the billing receipt your customer receives after making a purchase. A receipt with a QR code is a great opportunity to encourage someone who just made a purchase to use their mobile device to keep shopping for more of your products.
4. QR codes on holiday greeting cards
Traditionally, when people do their holiday shopping, almost everyone purchases a greeting card to go along with the gifts they bought for someone. Try offering holiday shoppers a free greeting card with the products they purchase from you, and include a QR code on the greeting cards to attract these customers to more of your products online.
Do you have other creative ideas on where to place QR codes for shoppers this holiday season? Please share your ideas in a reply below. Looking for more tips on how to boost your online sales this holiday season? Then check out our recently released holiday guide for retailers.

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