3 Facts About Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

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The world is changing and so is marketing. Any business that does not quickly adapt to the changing times risks losing out on great opportunities. In the wake of this digital era entrepreneurs and companies must strive to benefit from a combination of traditional and digital marketing.

But what is the difference between traditional and digital marketing and why is it so important? Which one is more significant and is there a realistic or perfect balance between the two?

Traditional marketing methods are the conventional ways of marketing that have been used since the concept of advertising came into existence. Traditional marketing has many forms which include tangible items such as printed advertisements in newspapers, business cards, and brochures. It also includes the commercials we see on TV, or listen to on the radio and billboard advertising.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is the type of marketing that uses digital technologies to promote products and services. Digital marketing mainly relies on the internet. Examples of digital marketing include; website marketing, YouTube and social media marketing.

Let’s look at three facts about traditional marketing versus digital marketing.

  1. Digital Marketing Is A Two Way Conversation; Traditional Marketing Is One Way

Digital marketing is interactive. Compared to traditional marketing, digital media enables your business to communicate and keep your customers engaged with your brand. This way your business is able to identify customer expectations through personal interactions.

Unlike in one-way conversations where one party dominates the narrative, two-way communications allows you to gain valuable insights and also measure performance and identify ways to improve.

  1. Traditional Marketing Is Mass Marketing; Digital Marketing Is One On One

Traditional marketing casts a wider net in that it allows your business to appeal to an entire market by using a basic marketing plan. In traditional marketing, product development and design are aimed at a broader customer base rather than a segment or niche.

Contrary to popular belief, traditional marketing still has a place in the modern world. Companies that overemphasis one on one marketing at the expense of mass marketing have lost a significant market share.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, enables your business to retarget website visitors by placing tailor-made advertisements in front of them. The aim of one on one marketing is not to overwhelm them but rather to motivate them to go back and purchase something they had shown interest in before.

  1. Traditional Marketing Has A Long And Established History; Digital Marketing Is The Future

Traditional marketing has existed since time immemorial. For this reason, many people can count on this form of marketing. Secondly, there are still areas in the world where there is no internet thus digital media is nonexistent. In such situations, companies can only rely on traditional methods to promote their products.digital marketing

Digital marketing is the future, whether you are in business to business marketing (B2B) or business to customer marketing (B2C), digital trends of marketing are what your business needs to target both local and international markets, develop your brand and get real-time results.


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