2015 may be the year mobile payments go mainstream

Mobile Payments

Consumers in the United Kingdom are prepared to abandon their banks in favor of companies that support mobile commerce

Consumers in the United Kingdom are showing that they are more willing to participate in mobile payments and Zapp, prominent mobile payment processor, believes 2015 will be the year that mobile commerce becomes mainstream. Zapp has released the results of a recent survey that shows that nearly 21 million consumers in the United Kingdom are ready to abandon their banks in favor of those that support mobile commerce.

Zapp could see a great deal of growth in 2015

Relatively few banks in the UK offer support for mobile payments, either through applications or in partnering with retailers. As such, they are not able to keep up with the demand for mobile services coming from consumers. Many people in the United Kingdom are prepared to support companies that offer these services, which means that Zapp could see a significant increase in adoption in the coming year.

Zapp intends to expand its services next year, becoming more available to consumers

Mobile PaymentsZapp has plans to expand its services in 2015, offering mobile payment support to a larger consumer base than it has in the past. Zapp’s survey found that those between the ages of 35 and 44 are the most likely to participate in mobile commerce. Approximately 46% of respondents to the survey noted that they are already making purchases through their mobile devices on a regular basis. These consumers may be willing to make mobile payments more frequently if their banks offered some form of mobile commerce support.

Mobile commerce is beginning to gain serious attention from retailers and financial institutions

Over the next year, mobile commerce is expected to see massive growth. More retailers are beginning to embrace mobile commerce as a viable way to engage consumers in a new way. Banks and financial institutions are also showing more support for the mobile space as well. Companies like Zapp have the opportunity to establish a strong position in the mobile commerce space as mobile payments become more mainstream than they have in the past.

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