13th Labs introduces Pointcloud augmented reality application

Augmented reality- PointCloud

Augmented reality- PointCloud

Application to make use of ambitious augmented reality system

Swedish startup 13th Lab, a company focused on the development of computer vision products for mobile devices, has been causing a stir in the augmented reality community. The company has been attracting more attention for its development of a new kind of augmented reality service. The service makes use of technology that was partly developed by NASA scientists, which is meant to enable an iOS mobile device to understand its surroundings as though it were a sentient being.

Pointcloud to allow users to browse the web while experiencing augmented reality content

The service is meant to have a wide range of applications, the first of which has just been announced by 13th Labs. The company has introduced its iOS browser called Pointcloud. The application allows users to surf the web using their iOS mobile device. This makes it familiar to consumers because of its shared feature with other mobile browsing applications. Pointcloud is capable of recognizing the world it sees through the camera of a mobile device, however, a feature that allows it to create or unlock augmented reality experiences for the user.

App to include SDK for developers

Pointcloud will not only give consumers a chance to experience augmented reality in a new way, it will also help app developers make use of interactive technology. Pointcloud will come equipped with its own SDK, allowing developers with a working understanding of HTML and JavaScript to incorporate augmented reality into their own products. Through the inclusion of the SDK, 13th Labs hopes to expand the availability of augmented reality by encouraging developers to make use of the technology.

Augmented reality industry could benefit from the interest Google is attracting to the sector

13th Labs notes that the augmented reality industry is poised for rapid growth due to the interest that Google has been attracting to the sector. Google’s much hyped augmented reality glasses have proven to be a popular subject amongst consumers, many of whom are beginning to look for other products that allow them to see the world in a new way.


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